About Ramina

​​Makeup has always been my passion. I’ve spent years honing my skills – from attending courses and managing stores to holding makeup master classes. With 18 years of experience, precision and perfection are the driving forces behind my work. As an ambassador for various beauty brands, I stay connected to the latest global trends and innovations.

Specialisation - A strong makeup and skincare foundation are key; without it, everything falls apart. It's about the skin – the base. I aim for captivating eyes complemented by flawless skin.

Why NOMMON - Collaboration fuels our excitement, as we unite as a diverse group with unique talents and perspectives. Our collective diversity sets NOMMON apart, as each member brings a rich tapestry of knowledge and skills.

  • Hometown: Stockholm
  • Skin type: Normal / Dry

Ramina's favorite

Focus on the eyes, enhanced by a flawless base. I cherish precision and perfection, never settling for mediocrity in my work.