WHAT IS nommon

Beauty care re-invented through collaboration

What do chemists, cosmetics experts and beauty creators have in common?

NOMMON is the result of a collaboration between beauty professionals with one goal in common – to create a progressive, inspiring beauty brand that fuses effective formulations with style, creativity and caring consciousness.

NOMMON is made for everyone. But it's far from common.

Our story

Curious. Creative. Collaborative. 

Our ambition in creating NOMMON was to build a progressive and effective beauty brand that fuses high-quality cosmetics with those who have their finger on the pulse. A brand built on creative collaboration. Where science meets style. Our chemists work with skincare and makeup experts to produce inspiring cosmetics for beauty sophisticates. Simple and effective. Distinct. NOMMON brings individual ideas together to create something bigger and better. Beauty care re-invented through collaboration.


Better for your skin.

When we started to develop our skincare products, some things became apparent. Many of our beauty specialists spoke of having reactive and sensitive skin – and it was clear that NOMMON would have to cater to those needs with our formulations.

The first range in NOMMON contains gentle formulations with focus on hydration for normal skin, but the next range will be a comprehensive line of fragrance-free products for normal to sensitive skin. Stay tuned for more news on this. 

When we use fragrance in our formulations, we use a low amount. The fragrances we use are unique, natural origin and eco-socio-designed**according to FLORINDEX®, by TechnicoFlor (www.florindex.fr), an eco-socio-design tool audited by AFNOR Certification.

Very few brands including the ones that have a true sustainable approach to formulations, communicate about the sustainability of the fragrances in their products.

Our aim is to create efficient, performing skincare solutions with well-known actives that suite normal to sensitive skin. We believe in strengthening the skin barrier and providing moisture and glow with our products. 

Better for the planet. 
At NOMMON, sustainability is a natural commitment.

Most NOMMON skincare products and some makeup products are produced in a factory in Poland which is LEED Certified, ECOVADIS certified and uses 100% renewable energy.

We apply the following for all Nommon products:

  • All NOMMON products will include packaging components with different levels of recycled plastic (eg PCR) and all cartons are FSC (Forrest Stewardship Council) certified. 
  • We strive when possible to develop formulations that require less water and less energy to produce, a good example is our Thermal Mango Mask without added water in the formula. 
  • We use certified sustainably sourced fragrances in our products (see above)
  • We have also chosen to team up with a logistics partner in Sweden that packs our products in cartons with min. 70% recycled and 100% FSC certified paper. These cartons are also cut to the height of the content, by so doing minimising the waste of paper.