About Katrine

I’m self-taught in beauty and was intrigued by YouTube makeup tutorials. Through those, I found my own style and expression. I love the digital medium because it’s so easy to share ideas, find inspiration and grow. It’s all about creativity.

Specialisation - Hydration is your best friend for the skin barrier, so I prefer using ceramides or hyaluronic acids – something that evenly boosts hydration.

Why NOMMON - Collaborating with other beauty professionals, I think we’re taking skincare someplace new. It has to happen. And it’s exciting!

  • Hometown: Copenhagen
  • Skin type: Combination/Dry skin in the winter, Oily T-zone; acne prone

Katrine's favorite

I was always creative as a child. I loved drawing, painting, clay and DIY crafts. For me, makeup and beauty are an extension of that.