Getting ‘that glow’

Glow Up: The Lowdown on Radiant Skin Trends

Let's talk about the buzz that's been taking over the 2020s - Glow. Literally, every product out there claims it can give you that perfect pigmentation, healthy vibe, and makeup-ready glow.

Glow is the cool kid in marketing, thrown around with terms like hydration, radiant, clear, translucent - you name it. It started as the hype around "healthy skin" thanks to US brands like Glow Recipe.

So, why is everyone obsessed with Glow, and can NOMMON really deliver the goods for that dreamy, moisturized, and hydrated skin? No magic here, peeps. While makeup can give you a quick glow-up, a solid skincare routine is the real MVP for a lasting, authentic vibe. The Glass Glow Gel Cream and Smooth Out Glow Serum are your go-tos for that healthy skin boost, and don't forget to ad the Instant Glow Up Primer to your routine for that extra smooth glow.

Looking ahead to 2024, things are getting even more interesting. We're moving from the 'glass skin' vibe to a soft-cloud look that's all about prepping your skin for a chill, natural glow. Hydration is the key, with moisturizers and serums as your ride-or-die partners.

To wrap it up, Glow is not just a trend; it's a beauty game-changer. Embrace it, take care of your skin, and let NOMMON be your sidekick on the journey to that lit, radiant look. ✨🌈 #GlowUp #NOMMONMagic #WeAreNommon

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