About Dajana

I’ve been a professional makeup artist for eight years, working with celebrities extensively in Scandinavia. Social media has allowed me to blend my personal and professional life and reach more people. I teach masterclasses in makeup application and have written two beauty books, Din Helt Egen Masterclass and Face Time, and had my own TV show, Glow Up. I’m excited to continue teaching and inspiring others to look and feel their best. 

Specialisation - Achieving a radiant glow for the skin; I have a passion for using serums and incorporating facial massage techniques during application.

Why NOMMON - This is a diverse group of creators working within the field, each with specific strengths. We’re all fast on trends, and our breadth of expertise will give this brand a unique foundation.

  • Hometown: Oslo
  • Skin type: Dry / Sensitive skin

Dajana's favorite

Every year, I delve deeper into makeup's creative potential, my journey constantly evolving, more enriching and fulfilling.