About Amanda

Beauty has always been my passion – the art of not only looking radiant but feeling confident in yourself. Achieving healthy, lustrous skin and hair isn't just about aesthetics for me; it's a path to self-care and empowerment. I love being able to inspire and share the best beauty tips and tricks that I’ve learned through the years. Having psoriasis, I also value helping others with any dermatological challenges they face.

Specialisation - My passion for beauty products is an extension of my belief in self-expression and the artistry that comes with it. Lip liners and lipsticks hold a special place in my heart. They're the finishing touches that enhance my confidence. But beyond the surface, there's a deeper connection that drives my dedication. As someone who deals with psoriasis, I understand the unique challenges skin can bring. It's this personal journey that fuels my commitment to finding solutions and sharing insights with others.

Why NOMMON - The remarkable level of dedication and enthusiasm involved in this project resonates deeply with me. It's not just about putting your name on it; we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in every detail, helping to make fantastic products.

  • Hometown: Aalborg, Denmark
  • Skin type: Even complexion, Psoriasis

Amanda's favorite

"I've tested numerous products, learning to select the best. My dedication to create something meaningful is what drives me to innovate and inspire"